With a coaching specialty in the entertainment industry, we will focus on enhancing your image by improving your presentation of YOU.  Together we will design your personal brand, build your confidence, and most importantly, keep balance in pursuit of your dream career.

Whether you are producing behind the scenes in lighting, sound, staging, or in the spotlight as a renowned artist or an up and coming artist, I can assist you in creating a balanced, centered life so you can thrive creatively, and succeed while engaging in the challenges of the industry.

Being involved in the entertainment industry for the past 25 years, I am intimately familiar with this world and I can offer support from the perspective as an insider and a coach.  Together we will make a plan to navigate this fast paced, ever changing industry.

Touring, whether as an artist or as part of the production team, can be just as grueling as it is rewarding.  Being away from home for long periods of time can be difficult.  With my experience in the industry I can provide you healthy techniques to stay grounded.  I will customize my service to fit the crazy schedule of touring via video chat or in person.

I have proven strategies for dealing with:

Tour challenges and exhaustion

Performance anxiety

Handling the media and avoiding pitfalls

Staying grounded on the road

Families and relationships back home

Self image development and confidence boosting