Michelle M. Marto
Certified Life Coach & Executive Coach


Who Am I?

Life can be complicated.  Early on I realized I needed to take responsibility for my path in life.  In doing so, I financed 100% of my education and living expenses working for Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels while earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it!

20 years of my career was spent in the healthcare industry where I served the majority of that time as a Specialty Pharmaceutical Representative for Schering-Plough Oncology.  Not only did this experience afford me the opportunity to work inside a global corporation, it was a constant reminder of how precious life is when witnessing patients and their families deal with life and death health issues.

Following my passion, in the early 90s I began to serve as a client/artist liaison and as part of the event execution team for Executive Visions, Inc (EVI) on various projects and I continue to do so today.  EVI is a Prime time Emmy-winning group which provides a full range of communication services including large scale meetings & events, integrated marketing programs, branded celebrity entertainment, and creative media productions just to name a few.  My involvement with EVI allows me to express myself creatively and to associate with the music industry’s leading global and national artists.

Public speaking is one of my specialties.  I am an accomplished and active member of Toastmasters International a global educational organization helping members improve their communications, public speaking, and leadership skills.

Although working for myself is very fulfilling, helping others is even more rewarding.  I believe everyone’s ultimate purpose in this life is to serve others, especially those in need.  I challenge myself every day to live by this philosophy.  In doing so I support in time and contribution the World Children’s Center, a developing community just outside of Atlanta that will offer both short and long-term homes to children who are homeless, orphaned, and/or neglected.  Another charity I support and remains close to my heart is the David Foster Foundation.